Being in the corporate world for the last two decades and heading several businesses in India and the Middle East, I have experienced that most of us have been living a mechanical life or maybe not even living a life. You get up in the morning, go to work, get back home late evening, have dinner, watch some TV and off to bed and the same routine continuous day in and day out. Some of us even carry the work home and also the stress. Amongst all this hullabaloo somehow we always squeeze in time for social media; a selfie here, a post there, share a joke, like a comment etc, for some of us this is entertainment and also a stress buster, so you might feel – but is it actually the case?

I have often heard statements like: “I am so busy”, “I have no time”, “there is so much to do and so little time” This, unfortunately, is a way of life today, immaterial of what designation you hold or what walk of life you belong to. Even students today I hear have the same problem.

The above is a fact, unfortunately, the ultimate truth still remains that no one gets, “The 25th Hour”.

Let me try to simplify the situation, at your age you might be playing roles like being an employee/employer, a husband, a brother, a son, a father, and an uncle and if you are lucky you also might be a guide/mentor to someone. While all the roles have a very important part to play in your life, you really need to prioritize each while balancing the other. But you need to play each role efficiently and diligently as somehow or the other it would have an impact on your life, maybe not now but later on. For example, if you do not spend time with your children when they are young, you would regret it when they grow up.

To put it into perspective you have to be a dad every day, you have to be an employer/employee every day, you’ve got to be a husband every day and so on. There’s no running away from either, so what does one do? Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize, let the time wasters go.

Time wasters might mean different things to different people, for me these are things that are non-productive and the things you do not give you happiness. Things like watching TV for long hours, traveling for a long time to get to work (when you can achieve the same results from a laptop at home) posting something on the social media and checking every few minutes the likes etc etc

In my opinion in our busy lives, besides playing all the roles, one also needs a little, “Me Time”, it would really rejuvenate you for the whole week. “Me time” would really mean to do what your heart desires just for yourself. A massage, listening to music, reading a book, going on a trek, meditating. Anything that would relax you and make you happy.

Live for life TODAY….my friend.

You do not need to squeeze in everything into the 24 hrs you have got, remember the ultimate truth, you do not get, “The 25th hour”

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